Development of websites

Development of websites

Our company offers fast and high-quality website development. We are creating resources that will bring to their owners maximum benefits.

That's why our website development company starts with creation of accurate and detailed technical task. We clarify why the website is necessary (what functions it will perform), what tasks will be solved with the assistance of it, for what target audience it is intended, and we specify all client expectations as well. When the website development project is drawn up, the whole team of specialists launches its implementation. Thanks to this approach, we quickly can clarify all needs and desires of the client, formulate clear and precise technical task, after which the specialists will be able to complete the project within the shortest possible time-frame.

Web development in our company includes a number of steps

WEB SEO - CMS for websites.
1st step. Preparation of the technical task, creation of website design, discussion with the client.
2nd step. Development of website design concept. During this step is created a design concept, considered structure of resource, navigation.
3rd step. Website development.
4th step. Website testing.
5th step. For the client is displayed the finished project. At the request of the client is possible to make adjustments.

Peculiarities of our company working in development and creation of websites

  • We offer a complex approach: creation, optimization and direction of website, as well as maintenance of the resource. The customer who orders a package of services, not only gets a quality website, but also quickly gains a return, thanks to our professional work done to website optimization and promotion.
  • Our website development studio is focused on creating high- quality products.
  • Creation and development of websites is done by an experienced team of specialists.
  • We understand that each client is unique. Due this we pay great attention to individual work with clients, finding out all their wishes, specifying individual customer's vision for final result. For example, in development of company‘s website we also take into account company's image, its traditions, as well as many other nuances.
  • We guarantee our work.
  • We have a flexible calculation system of design values, depending on the complexity of the implementation.
  • In the work are used latest programming tools and technologies.
  • All our projects are implemented, if they are well targeted and optimized perfectly, they accomplished their functions, as well as quickly start to attract customers or be profitable.

Price of websites - development costs of business card website

Each website is unique, so the question “How much costs a website?” cannot be answered right away.
Rates of website development can vary greatly and they depend on many factors:

  • Design complexity;
  • Functionality - complexity and volume of software module;
  • Site volume - type and size of content;

It is necessary to know what functions and capabilities are needed for the site owner and what for visitors. In any case, we are flexible in accessing pricing of development of Internet projects and we can reach an agreement!
For example, a website business card with: design, comprehensive and easy to administer content management system (CMS), built-in ability to edit SEO - website user-friendly web browser systems. Website business card design price is indicative € 790 + VAT; it can be both cheaper and more expensive.
The final price of website may be determined after full compilation of technical task.
When choosing a partner, you have to take into account not only the price or the site design, the important thing is how easy it will be to manage it after, will be possible to find your website in search engines, further aid from the developer, as well as other factors.

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