Website SEO optimization

Website SEO optimization

Why is necessary website SEO optimization? Is it at all necessary? The answer is obvious - none website or online store can function successfully without search engine optimization.

Optimization is a set of necessary measures to build websites rank in search engines. The more new websites appear, the more difficult is to attract users for each of them. Search engines have their own website quality measurement criterias. Main SEO (Search Engine Optimization) website optimization goal is to make it most attractive for search engines (Google, Yandex and others) in order to show the resource as much as possible interesting/useful to visitors, etc.

SEO website Optimization in search engines.


Peculiarities of website optimization

  1. The optimizer must explored all the popular search systems, which are daily used by thousands and millions of visitors, should seek all the characteristics of how the search systems perform website analysis and detection.
  2. Search systems constantly are being improved, are introduced analysis schemes of new web-resources. That is why is not possible to make website search engine optimization - SEO - only once. Even for requirements of search engines perfectly adapted website should be after a while re- optimized.
  3. The optimizer - professional knows that guaranteed results can only be obtained using the whole set of measures. To achieve maximum effect, the professional performs webpage search path by number of trends and characteristics.

Our company offers not only website development but also its optimization.

We offer:

  • Audit, which is required for clarify website actual condition. After a thorough exploration and testing of various systems to the customer is offered a full report with specific recommendations.
  • Website optimization. All methods and techniques are selected on the basis of information obtained during the audit; depending on the theme of website, competition, etc., we take into account all the possible factors for SEO progress give maximum effect.

Website direction and SEO optimization allows to make your website more attractive to search engines and lift it up until position 1 – 3 in search engine list, entitled to 80 % of the total traffic.

SEO costs - website optimization prices

Website SEO optimization service costs for each Internet resource is individual and depends on many factors. Internet search engines (Google, Yandex and others) have a huge amount of algorithms and rules by which it is determined which web site to show in best position. These rules are constantly updated, but there are certain requirements that must be for a website to be user-friendly and visible to search engines. SEO situation of each website is different, but generally for performing one-time optimization work the price is from € 200 + VAT. SEO optimization of website costs may vary depending on the actual amount of work that needs to be done in order to achieve a desirable result. For each case the price is calculated according to the website analysis. Based on the results of analysis, our SEO specialists will perform an accurate estimate of the cost.


We also offer website promotion; this service also includes website optimization services. For more information, see here >>>